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What's everyone gift one?

Everyone gift one, is a global platform to help people by sharing ideas and exchanging goods or services. It’s the most relevant communication between people to enhance mutual gains. Just announce your problems or needs, may be in the difficult situation. Let the world notice you and may offer some reasonable solutions.

Do you want to take? Example: Somebody could not able to afford to by a smart phone. Announce it on everyone gift one. Try to convince people that why you need it? And/or anything you can do in return if possible? Let people discuss among themselves and soon you may get several offers from them. You can choose the best option most suitable as per your needs.

Anything to offer? Example: Do have something to spare, which is of no use to you? Announce it on everyone gift one. Soon you may get some enquiries. Please give to the most needy people.


Announce whatever you need


Discuss with the world community


Take what you want