Free goods & services to the needy ones



It’s a worldwide platform to swap your wishes with gifts. Anybody can earn gifts from the world community by making their wishes viral. It’s the great place to ‘unlock your gifts and wishes’. Process is very simple. Just announce your wish and offer. Your ‘offer’ can be ‘gift’ for others. Discuss and negotiate the responses with the global community. Unlock your hidden potential that can become your gift against your wishes.

Offer means anything that you can spare to others as per your capabilities. Your offer can become gifts to someone who is in need of that item or service. Others offer may become your gift if you need or like that one. Everyone gift one means that everybody in the world has some unique potential to offer, which can become gifts for others.
It helps in achieving the full human potential. It gives an opportunity to explore and en cash our hidden potential. Your offers can be the gifts for somebody. Your wishes can turn into gifts on getting the matching offers from others.
Yes, you can announce your wish without offering anything.
Yes, it really works. However, it depends, how loudly/clearly you announce your wishes and offers? How you discuss and negotiate with the global community? How well you unlock your hidden potential?


You can ask for anything that you want. More details, you can find in the ‘category’ section after clicking the ‘announce your wish’ icon.
Yes, that is also possible. You can donate to anybody or specify your choices, preferences or geographical region in the world.
Yes, right advices at the right time are the most precious gifts.
Announce your wish, asking for to solve your problems and miseries. Soon you will start getting several advices from the world community. Please note: In case if you did not get anything, keep on announcing again and again till the time you will not get noticed.
Yes, more information you can get in the ‘’category’’ section.
Most of the featured gifts are ‘absolutely free’ against your services asked by the announcer. Rest depends on your direct negotiations with the giver.
Yes, just announce your wish and highlight your strengths that you can offer in return. Soon you may get several proposals matching to your wishes.
Yes, announce your wish and your offer. Your offer will be treated as your services or gifts to others. Most of the relevant companies will contact you soon.
Everyone Gift one, helps in converting wishes into gifts. It all depends on the terms and conditions between the two negotiating parties.
Yes, you can buy the gift yourself from the market or from the online shops and ask the seller to directly courier to the receiver.
Yes, it is possible. All depends on how you convince and negotiate with the giver.
You can help people by giving advices and/or sending gifts through courier or doing online shopping. For more information, please inform your ‘’help plan’’ to ‘everyone gift one’ team and we can guide you accordingly.